Artist's notes
Notes on My Painting

Homage to H.M., 1975
oil on vinyl screen on acrylic on cotton
108” x 360” (274.32 cm x 914.4 cm)

Homage to H. M.

Homage to H. M., 1975, is an appreciation referring to Henri Matisse's late works, the paper cutouts. In these works, there was a particular brilliance in which the color shapes surrounded by white achieve. The fact of Matisse's courage to make a joyous art (in spite of paralysis), gave a certain impetus to my work. Homage accomplishes a number of my ideational desires. This most closely arrives at what I imagine a visual version of a stretched out symphonic work, and also is a totally non-objective use of visual material, and a humanist codification of sensations. At this point my aesthetic resolutions were at their most confining. I would not permit myself the use of shapes nor recessive space, because I so desperately wanted my work to be totally non-objective, legible through form rather than allusion. For this reason, the colored elements remain tiny (only as energy bits) and the vigorous grid is locked vertically to maintain the spatial fluctuations tangible only as surface. The shimmering of white shiny and matt pulsations, with ever-changing color injections, allowed for the work to be cerebrally active and simultaneously be ethereal. As I was building this work, I was thrilled to have to deal with an overwhelming sea of information. (This looks digital today.) It represented a symbolic "everything all at once", of every thought in my mind's reservoir, captive for reaction and reconsideration. It was the ultimate sensation of controlling chaos - my life experience was in my hands with which to make a coherent statement.


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