Artist's notes
Notes on My Painting
Modern Warfare, 1981
oil on acrylic on cotton
96" x 192" (243.84 cm x 487.68 cm)

Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare, 1981, is an abstract, epic scale, visual fugue of conflicting aggressive directional marks and colors with no place of rest. I attempted to create a surrogate image for ceaseless destruction which would be the result of unleashed modern war technology. I thought, since some music does this, I would be able to whip the visual elements into a psychologically effective, frenzied expression of war. As my attempts evolved, my frustration with the unclear public response to abstract anti-war painting led me to use more signifiers, symbols, images to get the work to speak directly. My belief that visual or specifically abstractions of truth could be perceived on a visceral level and hence more effective than verbalized communication, led me to make this painting. I was forcibly moved to make my only voice - my work, take a public position of protest while it was functioning in the public domain.


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