Artist's notes
Notes on My Painting
Feasts of Veronese, 2015
oil on acrylic on cotton
72” x 120” (182.88 cm x 304.8 cm), two panels joined

Feasts of Veronese

Feasts of Veronese, 2015. The inspiration for this painting comes from the very large, horizontal, highly structured painting of multiple figures in bold architectural settings like Marriage in Cana by the 16th Century Paolo Veronese. My painting of 2172 square elements of a tan - grey base with multicolor passages in a white linear gridded architecture could suggest a passacaglia or a subtle fugue occurring in time. My continuous aesthetic aim towards a highly orchestrated, structured multiplicity as image, finds confirmation in this Veronese painting. The expressive quietude of this work suggests faded time past. The waning passages in greyed baby-blues, pinks, russets and subtle spatial pulsations plus overlays, offers rumination or considerations of meaning in processional mode. History, as diminishing memory superimposed by current energy, is the membrane of our cognizance that I wish to engage.


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