Artist's notes
Notes on My Painting
Quartet Cajal (Themes from the Cerebral Cortex), 2018
oil on cotton
60” x 144” (152.4 cm x 365.76 cm), two panels joined

Quartet Cajal (Themes from the Cerebral Cortex)

Quartet Cajal (Themes from the Cerebral Cortex), 2018, is a painting of a thousand delicate linear marks with four divisions (not an allusion to a musical quartet). The work is named after Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1852 - 1934), an artist and neuroscientist. He studied the brain, its neurons, and the cerebral cortex by microscope and made accurate drawings of his findings, preceding the field of neuroscience. I have always been interested in thought and its processes. And so Cajal's graphic attempt gave me visual considerations for an artwork. This painting is made of linear marks and signs emulating electrical signals as cerebral imagery, to metaphorically conjure a thinking arena. The field is a paint thickened white mass with linear interjections or configurations floating in and out of visible focus. These convey nerve action, electrical signals, both dominant and recessive. This work may seem like a departure yet it is tangent and not dissimilar to my persistent drive to seek a visual equivalent to music, even if by other means.


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