Artist's notes
Reveal-Conceal / Construction, Incarceration, Decimation, 2021
oil on cotton
48” x 72” (121.92 cm x 182.88 cm)

Reveal-Conceal / Construction, Incarceration, Decimation

Reveal-Conceal / Construction, Incarceration, Decimation, 2021. This painting uses images as symbols and develops an abstract equation by their breakdown into fragments of correlativity. It is a work pointing to human orders of control for an assumed general welfare: threats, punishments and labor are in this equation presented ironically as legitimate and ethical. In the painting our predicament is repudiated with mocking jabs of form and other undermining devices to raise unease of certainty. The bomb image is cancelled by a graphic of diagonals, the many-sided prison complex is in unbalanced tipped position, the grid constructions in screeching color suggest temporal futility which is destructible. This painting builds with emotional material to turn it to psychological and undermining usage. It is painted in declarative attitude but with deconstructive intent. The subject of the work is reasoning injustice with elements used as determinates.


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